Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Yet again I have failed . . . had 2 cokes today . . . I guess everyone has to have a vice?? At least it's baddie is 'flavour' rather than colours or preservatives.

Not having a good day today :(

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spanner said...

its not about the fact that you may have failed at anything .... its whether you keep trying and keep improovong that counts.

Keep getting back up and keep starting again.

One thing to think about with goals such as dieting is to make SMART goals

s - specific
m - measuarable
a - acheivable AND attractive
r - realistic
t - tangable and time framed.

If you are used to drining a number of cokes every day instead of going cold turkey try and either cut down on the number or try to do something differetn like each time you want a coke drink a large glass of water and wait 5 minutes ( set an alarm ) and then think about whether or not you want the coke OR you can buy the little cans of coke and instead of having a full 375 ml can have the smaller 200 ml can.

Always look to the positive as well when you are trying to achieve a goal. Say .... I made it for three days with out the coke. Now I am going to try for a week with out a coke before I have one again.

Good luck.