Thursday, June 18, 2009

Getting ready to garden

For convenience and to allow me to get something done NOW rather than in six months time, we have ordered a no dig garden. One of those ones made out of a cut down water tank - 2.2m x .9m. It should be arriving here in the next few days and I am REALLY excited!!! I am finally going to have a REAL garden to plant things in, not just pots!! WOOT!!!

In preparation, I have just spent the morning planting seeds so we'll hopefully have something to plant in it when it arrives (and after we get around to filling it and then letting it sit for a week or so!) I have planted 72 punnets with about 1/3 of those destined for my sister who is also getting one delivered.

Today I have planted:

8 x Green Migeonette Lettuce
4 x Rocket (Bec)
4 x Snow Pes (Bec)
8 x Greenfeast Pea
4 x Cucumber
8 x Rainbow Silverbeet (4 for Bec)
8 x Winter Giant Spinach (4 for Bec)
4 x Green Sprouting Broccoli (2 for Bec)
2 x Capsicum
3 x Black Russian Tomato (1 for Bec)
6 x Ox Heart Tomato (3 for Bec)
3 Cherry Tomato (1 for Bec)
2 x Coriander
4 x Calendula
4 x Black Beauty Zucchini (2 for Bec)

I really hope that they grow well!!! I have a few other things that I'll plant around these while they are still growing - quick growing things that will be gone long before these are matured! I also plan on putting in onions and garlic when the bed is here, so I dont have to move them around. I do have carrot seeds, but not sure if they are worth the space!! I'll figure that out a bit later I think!!

We ended up having to postpone Emily's party afterall because the birthday girl was sick herself!! But we ended up having it the following week and she had a blast!! There were a few family dramas with SIL bringing her brand new baby (wub!!) but she still hadn't told her Dad (who was also there) that she was even pregnant!! Everyone was civil but the fallout is still being felt now. I just don't get some people!!!

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Kristy said...

keen to see pics of your garden if you get the chance. I'm really liking the 'cut down water tanks' ones as well - good heigh and I am hoping an added bonus will be that the mice and rats can't get in and eat everything! LOL