Monday, June 23, 2008

Worms, worms, worms

Every year when my birthday comes around, nn normally takes me to a shopping centre, we walk around for hours while he trues to make medrop hints about what I'd like then he plonks me in the food court while he goes and buys something . . . not my idea of fun AT ALL.

This year he has earnt himself brownie points :D He has bought me a worm farm - YAY!! Although my birthday isn't actually until tomorrow, we picked it up today and have settled our new friends into their new house :) We looked at compost bins, but given that we don't have an actual garden here, fugured that worms would be more suitable. For those who don't know and live in QLD, the QLD government is offering rebates on compost bins and worm farms - 50% of the purchase price up to $50 :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

We have a vegie garden (kinda)!!!

What is the point of having a HUGE backyard if 1. there is NO shade for the kids to play in 2. It is swarming with Green ants (ouch!) and 3. you are not allowed to plant a garden. Grrr to renting!

So we decided that pots were the way to go. But not just any pots we got a "Jumbo Mini Garden" which is basically 4 pots that stack on top of each other. So now we finally can start planting the tiny seedlings that I have grown from seed myself - very proud of myself :D Although I did buy the Strawberry seedlings. In there I have a total of 3 snow peas, 10 carrots, 2 corriander, 2 chives, 4 strawberry, 3 pak choy, 4 lettuce, 3 broccoli and 2 chilli. The snow peas were really taking off in their little pots, I planted all the seeds at the same time (23/5) and some are still tiny little things, but they are going great guns!!

The pak choy said that they are ready to harvest in 30 days, but I can't see them being ready in 2 weeks?? Oh well, I'll have to wait and see. I'm just so excited to be growingsomething and can't wait to taste my home grown food :D

I also managed to score some passionfuit from the fence across the road from my MILs house. No idea what I have planned for it yet though!!