Thursday, June 25, 2009

Change to diet: Day 4

Great day life wise, BAD day food wise . .. oops!! But hey, it was my bithday, and if Nn decides to surprise me with a Cheesecake Shop white chocolate mudcake (drool) I'm hardly going to blow out the candles and then not have any . . . and if he has already made a booking for Hogs Breath Cafe, I'm not going to turn that down either (he also bought me 2 bottles of wine preserved with 220 - but I haven't opened them yet!)

I was spoilt rotton for my birthday. Cake, flowers, subscription to Organic Gardener Magazine and an IOU on a bracelet that he wants to buy me on the weekend - PLUS a $100 dinner at Hogs Breath - good ness me! Add this to the Twilight Harcover Boxset which came with a $40 bookshop gift voucher 'the girls' got me for Mother's Day and he has set the standards pretty darn high for Father's Day and his birthday. I haven't given (nor been asked for) any hints either!!

Okay, so the damage for yesterday was:

Ricebubbles and A2 milk for breakfast, Natural cupcakes for morning tea, steak and salad sandwich on baker's delight bread for lunch (with Masterfoods tomato sauce), a crunchie (which I did look at the label but didn't notice 'flavours' listed) for afternoon tea (first oops of the day), Cheesecake shop white chocolate mudcake (whcih I found out after calling them today contains 'flavour', preservative 220, Antixidants 320, 319, also 322 and 307 but they are not on my list to avoid. I imagine that the writing on the icing would also have artificial colours). I did only have a tiny slice (and so did the girls) but there is more in the fridge . . .

As I have already said, we went to Hogs Breath Cafe for dinner - YUM!!! I am waiting for an email back about what is actually in their food, but we shared a jug of orange juice, a finger food combo and I had a Hickory Sauce Steak with vegies and fries.

This morning I woke up sluggish - food related or just tired after being up with Z twice last night?? I have a slight headache, sinus-y and feel foggy headed. Em has been screaming a lot for no reason again today too - not a fan.

All I can do is get back to it today and go from there :)

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