Thursday, June 5, 2008

We have a vegie garden (kinda)!!!

What is the point of having a HUGE backyard if 1. there is NO shade for the kids to play in 2. It is swarming with Green ants (ouch!) and 3. you are not allowed to plant a garden. Grrr to renting!

So we decided that pots were the way to go. But not just any pots we got a "Jumbo Mini Garden" which is basically 4 pots that stack on top of each other. So now we finally can start planting the tiny seedlings that I have grown from seed myself - very proud of myself :D Although I did buy the Strawberry seedlings. In there I have a total of 3 snow peas, 10 carrots, 2 corriander, 2 chives, 4 strawberry, 3 pak choy, 4 lettuce, 3 broccoli and 2 chilli. The snow peas were really taking off in their little pots, I planted all the seeds at the same time (23/5) and some are still tiny little things, but they are going great guns!!

The pak choy said that they are ready to harvest in 30 days, but I can't see them being ready in 2 weeks?? Oh well, I'll have to wait and see. I'm just so excited to be growingsomething and can't wait to taste my home grown food :D

I also managed to score some passionfuit from the fence across the road from my MILs house. No idea what I have planned for it yet though!!

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