Tuesday, May 6, 2008

For Sale or Trade

Okay, stage one of my de-cluttering.

Listed here is what I have on offer. Catagories are down the left hand side (thanks for pointing that out Lisa :) )If you click on a picture, it will have more information listed. If you are interested, email me at mel_heard @ hotmail.com (no spaces) or post on the forum where you found this post (if that is their guidelines).

There is a folder of "Sale Only" items. These are things that nn would kill me if I didn't get actual money for lol There is a "Sale or Trade" folder. The items in here will have a price listed against them but I am also happy to accept trades. The things I am looking for are listed on the right hand side of this blog, but if you have something else you think I might be interested in, just offer!! There is also a "Freebie" folder. These are things either that generous people have given me with the understanding that they would be passed on once I had finished with them or that I wish to pass on. Likewise, I'd like them passed on for free after you have finished with them. Share the love :)

Some items are too big/awkward to post, so pick up is available from Victoria Point, on Brisbane's Southside. Other than that, I can post (generally in pre-paid satchels) and prices (if you are paying $$) do NOT include postage. Once it leaves my hands, I accept no responsibilty if it is lost in transit, so if you would prefer registered post, please be sure to request it.

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