Thursday, April 28, 2011

Week 1 Menu

My new shopping and cooking day will be Friday, so this is for 3 nights and 4 days only.


- Weetbix

- Ricebubbles

- Toast (bakers delight) with butter, pear jam (homemade - no peel), magic spread (like lemon curd - recipe in Fed Up) or golden syrup


- Sandwiches (Baker's Delight Bread) or Original Sunrice rice cakes with any of the above toast options or phili cream cheese

- Marshmallow slice (like LCMs - 120g Pascall's white marshmallows, 60g butter microwaved together at 50% power until melted and then stirred into 6 cups ricebubbles, pressed into a slice tin and set in the fridge - yum)

- Pears in syrup (snack packs if I can find them) These will be for Em's 'fruit break' at school. It is normally a piece of fruit brought to combine in a share-a-plate but I have discussed this with her teacher already.

- Pikelets or lemonade scones (2cups and 2tbsp SR Flour, 2/3 cup cream, 2/3 cup Schwepps bottled lemonade (the rest and cans have preservatives))

- Parkers pretzels

- plain kettle chips


This is my major downfall!!

- Failsafe sausages (from Rode Meats at Chermside - $12.99/kg made fresh 4 times a week and REALLY yum!) with mashed potato, green beans and swede

- Chicken Cabbage Alfredo minus pepper and with pasta

- Sizzle steak sandwiches - Baker's Delight bread, garlic salt*, iceberg lettuce and homemade mayo if needed

- Chicken wraps - Golden chicken from 'The Failsafe Cookbook' with iceberg lettuce, mayo (if needed) in either Mountain Bread or homemade tortillas

* I phoned Masterfoods about their Garlic Salt as going by the ingredients list, it should have been okay. The only questionable thing was 'vegetable oil'. While it is an allowable oil (canola) is contains unlisted antioxidant 319 so is not failsafe and is used in all of their spices. I have been told that Woolworths Garlic Salt is failsafe, but I had since made my own with straight garlic granuals and salt in a 1:5 ratio.


- water

- milk

- magic cordial

Wish me luck!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mel, I had a very similar list of symptoms like yours before I decided to do the elimination diet. I wasn't brave enough to do this as a family so it was a lot easier for me not to eat the wrong foods. I ate really badly first week like home made plain cakes, or pear cakes for breakfast, bread or pasta and a pear for lunch, more cake for snack, leek risotto for dinner almost every day, not very healthy however in a week I could see the difference, I was a totally different person. I had so much energy that I even emptied all my cupboards and reorganised them, this has never ever happened before, I never had enough energy or motivation. My problem turned out to be amines/glutamates and once I wasn't eating them, I felt great. I was lucky that my only problem was amines/glutamates, not sals, not gluten nor dairy which made it easier to figure out my problem and also to stick to the diet since that wonderful life changing elimination diet 11 months ago. I know my daughter reacts to amines too however I couldn't change her diet yet as she is very fussy eater. At least we know what the problem is and she will join me once she understands the benefits. She was very much like your daughters as a baby and toddler, she is very challenging even now at the age of 9. But since I am feeling OK, I can handle her moods better.