Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A blog giveaway!!

And it's not mine!! Although in my haste to get an extra entry in the draw by linking it to my blog I did manage to spill and entire (large) cup of apple juice all over my desk, assignment notes and keyboard - crap crap crap.

Anyway . . . lol

Cathy from Cherry Blossom (and my friend from nappycino.com.au) is holding a giveaway on her blog The Barbarian Hoarde Go and check it out and post a comment to be in the draw :D

Can I just say, I know I'm not on here much but I somehow doubt that in between my last visit and today that I have had an additional 10 000 visitors lol Spambot anyone??

Okay back to try and salvage my assignment notes now :(

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