Thursday, August 13, 2009

Who you callin' Dummy???

I have a hard time making clothes for me that actually fit. Lets just say my 1920's Ese Jane Dressmaker's Dummy has never had children!! So what is a girl to do?? Make a lifesize version of herself of course!! So by following this tute and purchasing gummed paper tape from here I enlisted the help of my sister and we got to it.

In all it took about 3hrs, but we also had to include about half an hour extra after I passed out. Oops! (Note to anyone trying this, you don't have to remain perfectly still, make sure you move your arms and legs as much as possible or you too will come crashing down and bust open your hard work!!)

In the early pics you'll also see that I did originally have little capped sleeves to see where my shoulder actually sits, but the pain got too much after not moving them that we had to cut them off VERY quickly!! But I think this will be fine.
I must say, it is very confronting to see yourself in 3D for the first time. All those little (or not so little now that you can see them properly!) things that you thought "That looks alright" don't neccessarily look alright!! Although my sister didn't see anything out of the ordinary, obviously, because that is how I actually look!! My brother in law kept telling me "stop playing with your tits!" and " Would you like some alone time??" because once it was off I couldn't stop looking at it and playing with it to try and get it smooth.

It now lives over my ese jane and is currently wearing one of my bras, which strangely enough, it fills out perfectly!! Now off to spotlight for some grown up fabric . . . :D

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