Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Freecycle goodness, I am in heaven!!

What does any self respecting simple living greenie do when they move house?? Sign up to their local FreeCycle as soon as possible of course!! :D After off loading our moving boxes and some other bits and pieces we found while unpacking that really shouldn't have wasted space in the truck, I posted a wanted ad for books or magzines on gardening/self sufficiency. I had a response from a lovely lady saying that she had some old mags that I was welcome to.

So off I toddle, hoping that the 25 minute journey wasn't going to be a waste and when I arrive she has 3 green bags FULL of mags and books for me!!

Included was 76 copies of Grass Roots, 32 copies of Earth Garden and 3 books on green living!!! She also included packet of snake beans for me :D I am so thankful to receive this lovely gift and can see myself spending hours ouring over these mags!

The earliest one is a Grass Roots (#27) that was printed in 1981 - before I was even born!

If you haven't already joined your local FreeCycle, give it a go! You never know - somebody's trash might be your treasure!!


Remy said...

The more stories like these I hear, the more it encourages me to help keep Freecycle going strong. I also participate in my local freecycling group and noticed a few things that needed some improvements. Check it out. It's Facebook for Freecycle and more. Use ToolzDo to post to your local freecycle

Cat J B said...

Oh what fun, isn't it great when someone unexpectedly makes your day in that way? Re earliest Grass Roots mag.....'81 before you were born?? Oh my, you make me feel sooo old!

Ruth said...

Aww... great haul. That's so lovely of someone to give them all away.

Ruth xx

Mel said...

They are wasting so much of my time pouring over the articles!! lol Good toilet reading!

Yes, I'm a (sorta) spring chicken, born in '82, so not that much older than me, but older all teh same! Some of the hints are, well lets just say, interesing by today's standards lol