Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Family news

We are in for a doozy of a year this year!! We have recently found out that my BIL and SIL (Clive and Tellie) are expecting their 3rd baby at the end of the year. Their ID twin girls Jessica and Arabella will be turning 2 5 days after Tellie is due. Congratulations guys and I wish you the very best for an healthy and uneventful 6 and a bit months :D

We have also been let in on a little secret that I will share here since none of my ILs know this blog exists . . . BIL Kyle and his girlfriend, Ashleigh, are getting married!! They have it planned for the end of July when Ashleigh will be 7 months pregnant but they haven't told pretty much anybody yet. Kyle has asked Nn to be his best man, so we are in the loop . . . boy there are going to be fireworks when MIL finds out. One day she'll realise that he is a big boy now and he has to live his life how HE wants to, not how it will best please her!

So with these latest revelations we now have FOUR babies and TWO weddings before the end of this year!!! Babies due May, August, September and December and wedding in July and November (shame they aren't in the same season so we can save on outfits . . .lol)

I love seeing our family grow *wub*

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