Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Six week catch up (slacker I know!)

Six weeks today since we started this failsafe journey!

The sickness I mentioned in the previous post turned out to be the flu - with all of us wiped out for nearly 2 weeks. While we were all hit, Em was by far the worst afftected. She was still sick on her birthday and didn't even want to get out of bed to open her birthday pressies! Finding her crashed on the floor like this was a common event. Thankfully she recovered in time for her first ever "friends" birthday party :D

I am very pleased to be able to say that there were no complaints about the food (by anyone but my husband that is - "You can't use beetroot juice to colour the icing!!") and the party went off without a hitch! We served marshmallow crackles, fairy bread, fun sized milky bars, werthers original cream candies, red rock plain chips and parkers pretzels, magic cordial, water and, of course, cake! As an alternative to party bags, each guest took ome a giant bubble stick. What kid doesn't like bubbles, right?

I am getting a bit frustrated at the lack of support from Em's school. On the first day back at school after neary 2 weeks off, we arrive and it is 'Bear Hunt Day' where all the prep classes get together and do 'bear' related activities to finish up their work on the story "Going on a Bear Hunt" We had brought in a plate of marshmallow crackles for Em to share with her class as her birthday treat since she wasn't there on the day itself.I saw that one of the activities was making honey sandwiches. I specifically tell Em's teacher "Please don't allow Emily to have any of the honey sandwiches as we cannot have honey. There are sandwiches in her bag that she can eat at the same time" Get told that this is not a problem at all so off I go (walking home because my car is still not back - but that is a different gripe!) That afternoon Em tells me that she didn't eat the honey sandwiches, but she had 3 honey joys (ingredients: homebrand canola spread (antioxidant 320), honey and cornflakes (both sals!))So frustrating!!! I spoke with her teacher the next day and was told that Emily said that she was allowed to have them, so she gave them to her!!! Apparently ME telling her that morning that we cannot have honey is over-ridden by a five year old. Awesome. Not only that, but the marshmallow crackles (that Em could have eaten in place of the honey joys) were put out for all of the 114 prep kids, not just Em's class of 22 and Em didn't get one. Poor Em :(

If anyone has any suggestions on how to get a school to take an elimination diet seriously, I'd LOVE to hear from you!