Friday, March 13, 2009

We bought a house!!

Woo hoo!! Very excited that we will soon be in our OWN home again!! 18 months renting and having to ask if we want to do anything (resulting in us NOT doing anything lol) and we can now put nails where we want, paint walls, plant gardens - BLISS!!!!

We'll be nice and close to my sister (hi Bec!) and I love the fact that my girls and her girls will grow up together! As well as having long nights of singstar, morgorgage culkin and froggin' it in skippo lol (in human-terms - playing monopoly and skip-bo lol)

Shan will still be travelling to work every day (35 minutes on a good run) and boy doesn't he like to tell me about it *sigh* If you didn't want to move there why did YOU suggest it?? Hmmm??

Trying to figure out what we can do in our backyard. I'm sure someone mentioned that a 13ft trampoline was rediculously large for any backyard besides what we are currently in . . . oh wait . . . that was ME!!!! If we keep the tramp we have, it will take up almost a full third of our backyard!! But it was a present from the jolly man, and of course 8ft is STILL too small . . . hmmm

Also trying to work out in my head how to do the vegie gardens (and there WILL be vegie gardens!!!) The backyard is approx 6m x 12m - so not incredibly big but luckily there are 4 parks within very easy walking distance. I have also been looking at these fruit salad trees as a way to get a good variety of fruit in a small space :) We have a water tank so I will actually be able to water at this place :D

Anyway, my text books are calling to me and since Em is at kindy today I had best make the most of it!!

Take care everybody :D

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sarahbean said...

Oooh yay, go you guys!

I am looking at having to leave my chooks and vege gardens behind in moving to Brisbane, so I am taking the opposite step to you and quite sad about it :( But hey, an adventure's an adventure right!?